Hair Tips

One of the first features everyone notices when meeting people is their hair, a slight change in the caring and health of your hairstyle can cause a significant impact in your friends, family, and clients, which will lead to compliments and praise for your beautiful hair.

However, wrong hair treatments can damage your hair noticeably, leading to adverse reactions associated with a lack of personal care or hygiene, when you know it’s not directly your fault, for it’s just your hair’s way of telling you something’s wrong.

You might have spent an afternoon at a salon and came out looking perfect after they restore your hair’s health with expensive treatments, but if you don’t care for it at home, you’ll have to head back for a redo continually, and that’s a big hit to your budget.
So, how about we dive into some hair remedies that you can do at home, with household items, which will change the way your hair looks and feels while being completely healthy.

Here we present what we consider are the 3 best DIY Hair remedies for any kind of hair.

Avocado Mask for Damaged Hair

Your hair is exposed to thousands of factors that damage it daily, from the sun to air pollution, everything seems to be out there just to mess with your hair and make it look bad.
Thankfully, this simple remedy can be done with just an Avocado and an egg, and applying it to your hair will repair all the damage and restore its luster.
The Remedy:
• Mash a ripe avocado and mix it with an egg until you have a light looking cream.
• Wet your hair and apply the treatment all over.
• Leave it on for 20-30 minutes.
• Rinse several times until your hair is completely clean
You can do this treatment once every two weeks for damaged hair or once a month for healthy looking hair.

Protein Shampoo for Strength

A particular component missing from commercial products is Protein, and that is fixable with just a little help from a common household item: eggs.
The Remedy:
• Whip a whole egg into a small bowl
• Mix with a small amount of shampoo, blend well until it’s completely homogeneous.
• Apply it while taking a shower –leave it on for 5 minutes.
• Rinse until your hair is completely clean
This treatment enhances your hair’s strength and growth capabilities and should be applied at least once a month.

Natural Oils for Hair Protection

Although there are several efforts to reduce air pollution and other environmental factors that damage our health, there are still plenty of nasty things that stick to our hair without us even noticing.
The best way to protect our hair is with natural oils – generally produced by ourselves, the constant damage that we receive causes that our natural oils are not sufficient to protect it from the outside.
With a little help of easy to acquire oils you can help your hair create a protective layer:
The Remedy:
• Damp your hair a little – not thoroughly wet, just some moisture.
• Apply a small amount of oil through your hair – just enough to slightly cover all of it
• Put a shower cap on and a warm towel over your head.
• Leave it on for 30 minutes
• Rinse your hair with plenty of water and a little shampoo to remove the excess of oils.
You can use any of these oils: olive, jojoba, coconut, and sandalwood. Try them around to see which benefits you the most. You should apply this treatment only once a month, twice if your hair is mainly dry.

Great Hair At Home

With these unique DIY hair remedies you can have excellent looking and healthy hair with having to break your budget and go to the hair salon every week.
Remember that your hair is one of the first things people notice so take care of it properly to look great and garner praise from everyone.