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Summer’s here, and your body is… Not quite there yet? Don’t worry. There’s still hope! We have researched the process of professional instructors about how to achieve the perfect beach body and compiled the best workouts to get you to top shape in as little time as possible.However, keep in mind that no magic wand can make your body look fantastic, you’ll have to follow a strict routine and continually seek to improve, and you’ll be in excellent condition before you know it.

The workouts presented won’t require any expensive machines, but for some exercises, you’ll need some gear to complete them.

Warming Up
The most important part of any workout is the beginning phase – the process we call warm up.If you’re short in time for your daily routine, it’s better to skip some exercises and repetitions over warm up – you could risk your body to serious injury if you start doing any muscular activity with a cold engine.

There are several ways to get that heart rate up and your muscles warmed. A small session of ten minutes of cardio alternating between walking and jogging, stretching your body, low-intensity exercise and many other things can be done in this phase

Here’s a list of recommended exercises to warm you up before you start doing your workout:
• Rope Jumping (Around 5 minutes)
• Jumping Jacks
• Lunges
• Hip Extensions & Rotations
• Leg Swings

Beginners Bodyweight Course
This first course is intended for beginners to fitness and exercising, people looking to start somewhere and intimidated about complex plans and weightlifting should start here.

The gist of the workout is that you do three full circuits with very little rest between each exercise (30 seconds tops). Once you complete one whole set, rest for a minute or two and start again.
• Bodyweight Squats x 20
• Push-ups x 10
• Walking Lunges – 10 each leg
• Dumbbell Rows x 10
• Plank for 15 seconds
• Jumping Jacks x 30
For dumbbell rows, if you don’t have one, you can use a gallon liter jug or something similar that offers enough weight to make the exercise demanding.

Advanced Bodyweight Course
Once you’ve graduated from the beginner’s course – you don’t find it challenging anymore – consider changing to this much more demanding set of exercises. You’ll be exhausted once you’re done.
Once again, your goal is to complete three full sets of all the exercises.
• Bodyweight Squats x 30
• Walking Lunges x 20 each leg
• Jump Step-ups x 15 each leg
• Pull-ups x 10
• Dips x 20
• Chin ups x 10
• Push-ups x 10
• Plank for 30 seconds

Introductory Lifting Program
What about weight lifting? If you don’t like bodyweight movements or have access to a gym and their equipment, consider doing this course.
• Day 1 (Monday)
o 3×5+ Chin-ups OR Barbell Rows (Alternate ever week)
o 3×5+ Overhead Press OR Bench Press (Alternate ever week)
o 3×5+ Squats
• Day 2 (Wednesday)
o 3×5+ Chin-ups OR Barbell Rows (Alternate ever week)
o 3×5+ Overhead Press OR Bench Press (Alternate ever week)
o 1×5+ Deadlifts
• Day 3 (Friday)
o 3×5+ Chin-ups OR Barbell Rows (Alternate ever week)
o 3×5+ Overhead Press OR Bench Press (Alternate ever week)
o 3×5+ Squats

You want to start with a weight that feels challenging, yet you’re capable of completing the whole set with great form – Don’t feel intimidated or inferior because you’re starting with the bar or just a few small weights.
The effects of the workout appear when you complete the set under strict discipline every week, not by breaking your body on day one and coming back three weeks later because you couldn’t lift a pencil then due to pain.

Nutritional & Professional Guidance
As said in the beginning, even if you complete your routine correctly your body won’t get anywhere near “beach body standards” if you don’t control what you eat. Going to a professional instructor and a licensed nutritionist will provide you with a diet plan and exercises tailored to your exact needs.
Although we all want those TV like bodies for the beach season, remember that any exercise is great for your health and will considerably improve your life. Being in great shape requires motivation from your part so be strong and push yourself to reach the goal you want to reach.

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