Metal in the home

If you want to add interesting design highlights to a room, it’s hard to go wrong with metal. It can be foundational like with furniture or floor tiles, or it can be a light decorative touch as with metal plumbing fixtures or a metal photo print behind the bed. Metal can change the look of a room and add style that can be rustic or futuristic. Check out the following ideas for metal inspiration.

Metal lighting: is one of the easiest and most popular ways to integrate metal into your design. An intricately designed metal chandelier can take a look from mediaeval to modern art, rustic cabin to trendy minimalist. Metal sculptures can be shaped around the light bulbs as a functional work of art. Other metal lighting is simple and utilitarian and looks appealing while not stealing the spotlight from other design elements in the room.

Metal flooring:is often thought of as being in industrial or commercial settings, but it can add flare to the home as well. Metal tiles in smooth, oxidized copper, a textured bronze, or sleek steel can make a room uniquely stylized. Light reflected onto floors and metal ceilings looks dazzling and adds extra light to a room. Ceilings can be all metal or feature the occasional metal tile in a mixed or mosaic look. A metallic finish can be added to flooring or ceiling tiles for a tighter budget.

Another classic and easy way to highlight metal is with plumbing fixtures. Go beyond the standard stainless steel or chrome grey for bronze, brass, brushed nickel, or matte black. The expert plumbing services near you can assist with proper installation and give your plumbing a maintenance check and perform any repairs while there. (If you’re buying as a holiday or New Year’s gift, it’s particularly important to have your home’s plumbing, water heater, and drainage situation checked out during winter.)

Digital art and photography:

Can be printed onto aluminum sheets and displayed as attractive metal art pieces with borderless presentations. Metal sculptures look great on fireplace mantels, coffee tables, and creatively arranged shelving. Ornate metal candelabras and metal candle holders adds cozy warm feelings with traditional appeal. And it’s worth a visit to your local antiques or second-hand stores to check out unique items with real gold, silver, bronze detailing.

Vintage lockers:

They are a new trend that can help out with storage in any room you desire. Paint them to match your pantry, den, or bedroom décor. They work great in the kids’ bedrooms or playrooms and can help with organization during clean-up time.

Show off the construction design of your living room couch or four poster bed with strong metal furniture. Pieces that are carefully handmade and welded with unique structures and shapes will really stand out versus a cheaper box store piece you need to put together with an Allen key.
Metal also looks fantastic in the kitchen. Clean, stainless steel is a popular choice, but mixing metals is emerging as a trend that adds surprising interest to a strictly functional room. Contrast sink basin with the faucet. Coloured appliances will pop against stainless steel counters and the kitchen table. Attach delicately designed metal handles on cupboards and drawers. Make a large, hanging metal light the stand-out feature above an island.

The ways to work metal into your home are near limitless but do be wary of having too many shiny and polished pieces in one room to avoid it looking like the floor of a hardware trade show. Consider which metal pieces to mix in or build a renovation around a spectacular metal feature!