Saving money

Everyone knows the feeling of treating themselves over the weekend, only to stare down at an empty bank balance on Monday. You want to have a good time when you’re off work, but no one wants to have no cash for a coffee on the way to the office right off the start of the week. Here’s how you can save money over the weekend and stay flush come Monday.

Host Your Friends at Your Place
Hitting a club is a great way to enjoy your Saturday night, but it can drain your wallet fast. There’s the cab fares, the entry fees, the prices of drinks, etc, it just goes on. If you’re serious about saving cash, invite your friends to your place for a mini get together instead. Put together a playlist on your favorite streaming station, stock up on drinks, and spend the night dancing around your living room for a fraction of the price.

Stick to Public Transport
If you need to get out and about, then taxis and cabs are a tempting option. The problem is, they cost a lot of money and you’re just paying for the convenience. Instead, try using public transport this weekend. Your city will probably have an app that shows you where the closest transport links are to you, and help you make your way to your destination. It’s good for the environment too as you save money.

Take Advantage of Offers
There are tons of websites like Groupon out there, that give you offers for meals, activities and more in your area. If you’re saving money, you don’t have to sit in your house all weekend. Start researching now, and see if you can find deals in your area. The great thing about this is that you’ll find activities that you didn’t even know where your city to begin with.

Sell Some Items
If you’re staying in this weekend, then why not get started decluttering? Everyone has items in their home that they no longer need and are just taking up space. Start digging through your wardrobe now and you’re sure to find things that you no longer wear. Put them online to sell and you can make some good money on the things you don’t want anymore.

Switch to Soft Drinks
If you’re going out to the bar tonight, deciding not to drink alcohol could save you a huge amount of cash. Just look at the price of your regular drink, next to the price for a glass of Sprite. No one’s saying you can’t have a drink or two, but switch to soft drinks or water afterwards, and you’ll save a lot of cash. As well as this, you’ll feel much better in the morning too.

These are just a few ideas to help you save some cash this weekend and stay flush into the week. All you need to do is change a few habits, and you’ll have plenty of dough left over.