The dream of an entrepreneur is to start up a business and watch it grow and become a force to reckon with. This can be difficult for many entrepreneurs and businesses because so many things go into the building of a brand that achieves sustainable growth.
In 2018, a lot of businesses emerged and excelled. The main reason for this was that they understood the business trends for the year and made these trends work for their brands.
Here are some of the startup success trends of the year.

The Use of Disruptive Technology
In almost every industry or niche you can name, disruptive technology exists and is being used. It has now become one way to identify thriving startups. Most startups are investing in technological advancements which lead to huge changes in their industries of operation.
Application of disruptive technology led to the success of the startups which decided to embrace it because it made it possible for these businesses to successfully challenge existing bigger businesses with more resources.

Embracing Remote Working
A lot of startups have discovered and embraced working remotely. With a growth in technological advancements, better internet access and connectivity, many startups have opted to operate fully online. This enables the company to have more team members, operate flexible work hours and save cost on running a physical office.
Embracing remote work has led to exponential growth in productivity in most brands which practice it.

Practicing More Interactive Marketing
Startups moved away from advertising and marketing their products and services through traditional media platforms like television, radio and print. Most startups have leveraged on the power of the internet to deliver incredible opportunities for interactive marketing.
People want to be able to interact with the brand advertising its products and services. This has become possible through the live chat feature on websites, emails and social media. Many startups have made these platforms their main means of reaching more people and this trend is yielding massive results. Startups get to reach more people as well as engage in more cost effective forms of advertising.

More startups leveraged on Digital Automation
This might seem like the stuff of science fiction for people who are not aware of how widespread digital automation has become but this is indeed reality.

More startups are programming software to function as capable as humans or even better. Some startups now make use of chatbots in place of real people for Live Chats. These chatbots have been programmed to understand and respond to customers effectively. Using chatbots also cuts costs and makes 24/7 access possible.
These trends have been pivotal in the success of many startups in 2018. It is expected that they would yield more results in 2019 together with any new trends from 2019.