Digital Card

Store loyalty programs offer a number of incentives to customers and businesses alike. They have a long history of effectively increasing business, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction. The bottom line is that they work – and work well.

So it makes sense that companies that use loyalty rewards programs are eager to offer their customers a better system that employs more effective technology as soon as the opportunity arises. Recently, such a new technology has arrived in the form of plastic cards that are capable of carrying digital information. And, given the usefulness of these cards, it’s a wonder that any company is still using any other system.

In fact, the same technology is used for a wide number of purposes, including transit passes, security ID cards and even library cards. You can stop by Avon Security Products – one of the leading companies offering professional solutions offered by digital cards – to learn more about the wide range of industries that benefit from digital cards and ID security card printers.

The History of Loyalty Programs

As early as the late 18th century, merchants started realizing that they could increase business and customer loyalty by offering tokens and certificates to their customers to entice them to return. Later companies continued this practice and expanded it to include trading cards and stamps.

Such practices are still alive and well today but companies are increasingly opting for digital card technology rather than the outdated cardboard, metal, or paper systems, since digital cards offer more services.

Benefits to Customers

Customers who shop at any kind of retail business absolutely love a loyalty membership program! The best loyalty programs help customers to feel at home at their neighbourhood store and as if they’re part of a larger family composed of the community of regulars who shop there. These programs can also grant customers generous discounts on merchandise as well as perks on their birthdays and access to special promotions.

Such perks provide substantial rewards to savvy shoppers, who appreciate every dollar they can save at the stores they already love. Customers also appreciate how easy it is to keep track of their loyalty plan, since their information is carried on just one plastic card that’s easy to scan, and that they can store in their wallets next to their bank cards – rather than having to use a hundred tiny bits of paper that are easy to lose.

Benefits to Retailers

For retailers, there are quite a few benefits beyond merely keeping their most frequent shoppers happy, while enticing them to spend more at the locations that offer them. Loyalty programs can help give businesses a better sense of market trends by allowing stores to keep track of shopping habits. Not only do these marketing gimmicks result in returning customers, but they help increase awareness of their brand.

Consider all of the submarine sandwiches and coffees that you could cash in on today if it weren’t for all of those lost bits of paper! Most of the fast food restaurants that used to thrive on such promotions, got rid of them all many years ago. If you currently own a business with a loyalty plan, upgrade to digital cards today. If you’re a shopper, ask your favourite local business to consider upgrading to a digital system!