CBD and Your Pet

Canadians all over the country are turning to CBD to treat their medical conditions. Since it is now legal to smoke and use cannabis recreationally, even nonmedical smokers have see the benefits from CBD within their legal bud.

Not too familiar with CBD? This is understandable since smokers often focus on the THC within their weed (mostly because this is what actually gets you high). CBD is the other compound – or cannabinoid – found within your marijuana. It won’t get you high, but it has the potential to treat anxiety, pain, and even epilepsy.

Some Canadians are growing their own high-CBD plants with a license to grow medical plants – click here for more info. They are reaping the benefits of this miracle drug every day. What they might not realize is that CBD infused products can not only benefit them, but also their pets!

If you’ve never considered giving CBD to your cat or dog, that should be changed. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about CBD and your furry friend.

CBD won’t actually get your pet high

The fear of getting your pet stoned is one of the main things preventing pet owners from using CBD. But as we explained before, CBD doesn’t actually get you high. It won’t get your pet high either. There aren’t any CBD pet products that contain significant amounts of THC, so there is absolutely no risk of your pet getting high from it.

It has the potential to fight cancer

Similar to humans, one of the leading killers of our pets is cancer. Treatment for this is typically pricy, painful, and invasive. But there’s good news; the CBD found in hemp and weed has cancer-fighting properties. In some cases using CBD to fight cancer has actually stopped or reversed the growth of cancerous tumors.

CBD has been proven to help animals with pain from injury and arthritis

There is nothing more difficult than watching your once-peppy puppy get older and struggle to hop up onto the bed. Our pets struggle with old age just as much as we do; arthritis can keep your pup from doing the happy dance when you get home from work.

You can help to treat pain from old age or injury with CBD treats or CBD pet oils. It won’t reverse time, but chances are you’ll see a noticeable difference in your pet after trying CBD for a month or two. Always read the dose recommendations on each product to see how much is appropriate to give your pet.

Treating your dog or cat with CBD oil is completely legal

THC is now legal for the people of Canada, so why shouldn’t CBD be legal for the pets of the country? Well lucky for your Cocker Spaniels and German Shepherds, it is! You can even get CBD pet oils in other areas of the world since it has no psychoactive effects. You can easily order CBD pet products from online dispensaries in Canada along with your human weed products.